Join VOLT .

We are looking for goal-oriented hardworking individuals to satisfy roles in account managers, team leaders, event coordinators, marketing managers, project managers and directors of operations to handle the social media platforms, administrative duties, and recruitment channels on the behalf of our clients. If you’re looking for growth and development, come join the family!   

Business Development
Our clients understand that the foremost of our efforts is to find and develop growth-minded individuals, the front runners for the additional markets and developing campaigns throughout the Tennessee Area.


Management Training
Believing that everyone should have a clear understanding and a fair opportunity to advance their career, we provide a sound infrastructure of how to get from point A to point C in our company. Delivering a focus on the key aspects needed for continuous growth, such as critical thinking, oral and written communications in an affable yet competitive environment. We hold morals and integrity utmost, understanding it to be the foundation to consistent self-development. Interlocking to create a mesh throughout our company, we have placed ourselves in the positions to steadily succeed our client’s goals and objectives.


Direct Interpersonal Skills
Representation is a key facet that defines a company’s brand and identity. With proper use and consideration, the individuals who speak on behalf of the company lead to expedient growth and increase ROIs. So, we aim to develop exceptional negation and socials skills, in or out of the everyday work environment.

Your brand is our business.